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Jupiter Finger Meaning in Palmistry

The Jupiter finger and mount represent the self-confidence, pride, ego, religion, also the strengths and weaknesses of the character. The Jupiter finger is the index finger. The mount is the padded area beneath the finger. If the Jupiter mount shares the space partly under the Saturn finger, there is hands-on ability to achieve goals.

When we read the Jupiter finger and mount we also think about certain characteristics such as:

  • Growth and wisdom – Spirituality and foresight.
  • Wealth and success – How likely are you to succeed.
  • Glory and honours – If lines point towards this area.
  • Charisma – The character from a well developed Jupiter.
  • Ambition – Length of the finger and size of the mount.
  • Leadership-skills – A whorl print on the index finger.
  • Practicality – A well-developed finger and mount.
  • How you deal with others – Like in a firm way or gentle way.
  • Your power and pride – Depending on the development of the mount and finger.
  • Your self-esteem and ego – Under development show a lack of self-esteem.

Size of the Jupiter Finger and mount

Jupiter represents how we treat others and ourselves, therefore, when the mount is average in size, it shows a right amount of confidence, leadership skills, ambition and ego.

  • If well developed, it shows a friendly and social person with high self-esteem, as well as confidence, motivation, and purpose.
  • Overly developed Jupiter mount can indicate a very ambitious and bossy nature. They can also be overbearing and arrogant, often with an enormous appetite for food, especially if with reddened skin and the bottom phalange of the index (Jupiter) finger is thick.
  • A flat mount shows a lack of confidence or self-worth. What that means is that they want others to take the lead, especially if the index finger is short or thin.
  • A bent index finger or leaning towards the middle finger can show a need for security of family or career. It can also mean a tendency to be dependent on others.

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