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Sun Line,Apollo Line,Luck Line- Chinese palm Reading


The sun line is also called Apollo line.These lines present on the palm of the hand.The lines are starting from the Mount of Moon and decreasing up to the Mount of  Sun.

These lines play an important role in the Luck of the person.So it is also known as the Luck line.

If the person having two sun lines then it shows that the person is very talented and skillful.He can do different things.Sunline also shows the luck and fame, but it is connected to the fate line and also known as the sister line to the fate line.If you have a positive sun line and disappointing fate line then you have still more chances to get success.On the other hand, if you have a positive and a strong fate line and disappointing sun line then you have fewer chances to get success, doesn’t matter how hard you try to get success.If there is a triangle on the sun line then it shows that the person is very versatile, talented, intelligent and have extraordinary skills.There is a strong and positive attraction towards arts if the person having sun line starting from the heart line.The person is very honest, honorable, kind, high-minded and liberal if the sun line ends at the heart line.Those people who have clear sun line are very much interested in literature.They are the followers of literature.The person is a very good human if there is a cross close to the sun line on the right side but if there is a cross on the left side then the person faces some loss in business due to certain reasons or may be due to the lack of experience.According to Chinese Palm Reading, the main lines on the hand become constant at the age of sixteen but some variation may happen due to our good or bad deeds.

Reading Sun Line:

Sun Line Reading


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