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Have you ever wondered about what the relationship lines might reveal about potential life partners?

This ebook gives you the meanings of the small lines that are called marriage, union, or relationship lines. Get to understand the traditional meanings of the lines and compare them with your own to see if they are accurate.

The marriage line, union line, relationship line. This is a mark which is found in most hands, however, the meaning of it has been disregarded by most palm readers. This ebook gives you the traditional understanding of these special lines.

Bonus reading material in this book:

How to pick a faithful partner and How to recognise a potential bully.

Download the marriage lines ebook now

In my all years of reading hands, the most common question has been ‘when will I marry?’. Do people want to know if they will marry at all? It’s normal to also want to know if the marriage or union will be a happy one.

The marriage lines in palmistry is a subject that has become outdated, especially in the Western parts of the world where many couples live together as a ‘defacto’ couple.

However, in the east, like India, these lines are still relied upon for predicting the future. They still believe in arranged marriages and that is probably why they want to know more about the lines.

Whilst the lines are unreliable, it’s still fun to know what the traditional meanings are.
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Download the eBook for only 50c now

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