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Hand Size Palm Reading-What Do The Hand Size Say About you

Hand Size Palm Reading

Hand Size: In Chinese Palm Reading it’s all about reading hands and predicting what will happen in your future and what personality do you poses. Your hand size shows a lot about yourself and your hand reveals who you are. The most common question which arises is that which hand is good, the small one or […]

Sun Line,Apollo Line,Luck Line- Chinese palm Reading

Sun Line

Sunline: The sun line is also called Apollo line.These lines present on the palm of the hand.The lines are starting from the Mount of Moon and decreasing up to the Mount of  Sun. These lines play an important role in the Luck of the person.So it is also known as the Luck line. If the person […]

Money Line-How to Recognize Luck Line On The Palm

Money Line

Money Line: In Chinese palm reading, there are fate line, travel line, marriage line, heart line and money line also. How to recognize a luck line on the palm? It is not difficult as it is prominent as compared to others. They are upright lines locating under the base of the little finger. If the […]

Fingernail Lunula: Health,Missing,Shade

Fingernail Lunula

 Fingernail Lunula: Crescent white, otherwise called lunula or fingernail moon, is found at the one-fifth position of the fingernail base and it would appear that a bent white check. The typical fingernails ought to be reddish, controlled, intense, the curve formed, smooth and polished with clear lunula which tells whether the individual is lively and […]

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