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Palmistry mounts In Chinese Palm Reading– Read 7 mounts of the hand

Palmistry mounts:

Mounts of palm in Hindi, during reading hands, demonstrate a significant role during reading. They are particularized with the dominance of planets, which also reveal about our physical and emotional perpetuity. Mounts on the left palm are same as right one. In Chinese Palm Reading There are seven palmistry mounts between fingers, named as; sun, moon, mars, mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. There is also an affiliation to the major and minor lines in the hand, for example, where the palmistry mounts demonstrate the converging of those lines.

7-Palmistry Mounts

The Mount of Jupiter:

Palmistry Jupiter mount tells that either you are ambitious, have will power, conscious about self-respect and loves authority. If palmistry Jupiter mount indicates that your Jupiter mount is well developed it means you are highly ambitious, fame lover, responsible, trustworthy and impeccable, and vice versa if it is not developed. But if palmistry Jupiter mount indicates overly developed Jupiter mount that means you are overly ambitious and you don’t have any concern about your fame.

The amount of mercury:

Mount of Mercury indicates wisdom and the person’s ability to think. But lines on the mount of mercury indicates about health. It is the line of the liver, it indicates the health of the individual. If lines on the mount of mercury are absent that doesn’t mean you will face bad health. If there is no dominance of mounts on left palm it doesn’t indicate bad future.

Mount of Apollo:

If a person has Apollo amount of a good size it indicates that he is outgoing, enthusiastic, lively and talented. But if lines on Mount of Apollo are absent that means you enjoy your life regardless of getting fame. But if it is absent you will fail to get success no matter how hard you try. Narrow lines on Mount of Apollo indicates frustrated life and less devoted marriage. Cross on Mount of Apollo indicates negativity Palmistry mounts between fingers indicate your nature and your standard of living and lifestyle. The palmistry mounts between fingers symbolize more of a person’s nature and mentality. If cross on Mount of Apollo is sharp and strong sums up with artistic blunders.

Mount of Venus:

Those people who have Venus dominated region are likely to call as Venus dominated people, in palmistry. The presence of many lines on Mount of Venus means that the captive has inspiration and profound strength. If lines on Mount of Venus from a Grill IT indicates the high flexibility. Large grill indicates a strong empathy.

The palmistry mounts are available in different languages. Palmistry of amounts of palm in Hindi, Urdu and many other languages are available.Also, You can read about your Foreign Travel Line.

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