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Chinese Palm Reading Of Fate Line-Double Fate Line Analysis

Fate Line

Fate line is massively associated with our essence and broad access to life. So it is considered as important part of palmistry. Other major lines do not have as much importance as this line. There is no special significance if there is no line for head, love, and life but for Fate Line matters.

According to Chinese Palm Reading, the young child having no fate line in any hand should be given fairly strict upbringing and taught the necessities of life as early as possible. The difference between right and wrong needs to be inferred initially on to assure that the child will not dissipate his or her life away. Fate line branches are also observed.

Fate line

Fate line branches

It describes the ups and down in one’s fate. When we lose any opportunity we often blame our fate by saying that it was not meant formed. The fate line branches describe what is most beneficial for us by observing the fate in both palms, we can also assess what job we can get. And also what ups and downs we will face in our lives. These fate lines branches actually deal with the destiny of a person in any field. There is also a palmistry sun line.

Fate Line Reading

Fate Line Reading

Types of fate line

These are some types of fate line. A straight and long fate line having no break indicates continuous income for the person. A fate line having no defect indicates the person will earn till his 55th age. If your fate line end on the headline, there will be wrong judgement on the part of person. If fate line ends at the center of the palm before reaching headline it means you will feel difficulty in earning. Someone has broken fate line also.

Fate line analysis

If you have double fate line and one line that starts from the mount of moon identify that the person will have a talent it is usually found in people with aesthetic bowed and assurance to achieve. By fate line analysis, it is understood that fate line is very important in determining the fate. Fate line analysis is major palmistry work. If your fate line starting from the mount of moon indicates that you have financial gain with creative ideas and thoughts. 

Palmistry Fate Line

Fate line analysis in some hands starts from the base of the palm at the same time for others it begins from the middle area of the hand. If someone has broken fate line it means they have a major change in profession and career.


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