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Hand Size Palm Reading-What Do The Hand Size Say About you

Hand Size:

In Chinese Palm Reading it’s all about reading hands and predicting what will happen in your future and what personality do you poses. Your hand size shows a lot about yourself and your hand reveals who you are.

The most common question which arises is that which hand is good, the small one or the big one?

Well, the people with small hand size could have better fate/destiny than those of big hands whereas the people with big hands have the lack of confidence.

Hand Size Palm Reading


Another main question also arises is that what your hand lines say about you and you personality

If you look at your palms you’ll see different lines and if your lines in both hands are different from each other it means you’ve to do hard work. Now if you look at your dominant hand, you’ll see different lines

Now if you see closer to your heart line your hand line will say about you.

For example, if the heart lines string out from the side and ends under the index finger then you’re happy with your love life.

If your heart line string out and ends under the middle finger then you have a selfish personality when it comes to your lover.

If your heart line strings out and ends in between of your middle finger and ring finger it means you mostly fall in love at first sight.

If your heart line is small then it means you’re not that much romantic person

If your heart line is Petite to your fingers then you have a passionate personality and get some time jealous

If your heart line goes curves toward your index finger it means you’re seemingly affectionate.

If your heart line has gaps it means you’ve experienced a lot of heartbreak and up and downs.


If you look at your head line you’ll notice:

If your head line is cut to bone then you mostly adopt physical achievement over mental achievements.

If your head line is straight and strings out across the hand then it means you have got a logical mindset.

If your head line is sneaky then you have a mindset that wanders a lot

If your head line has circles then it means you’ve experienced crisis including emotional ones too.


If you look at you look at vertical line close to your thumb which is your life line you’ll notice

If your life line is intense and deep  then you’ve desire for life

If it’s faint then it means  you’re not that much ambitious

If it’s straight then it means you’re watch full when you start a new relationship.

If it’s broken then it means you’ve gone through the swift change in your way of living.

Now Finally,

If you look closer at your fate line you’ll see:

If your fate line is straight then it means you have a fixate career

If your fate line is faint then it means you’re not satisfied with your job.

If your fate line has branches kind of lines then it means you’ve/had many up and downs in job


Your hand size and your hand reveals who you are and describes a lot about you

It’s all about the behavior and lifestyle you may have and what kind of thing you may face


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