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Line Of Mars In Chinese Palm Reading-Support Life Line, Family Influence Line

The line of Mars is the line that is parallel to the Life Line.In most people, it can start from the beginning point of Life Line to the end of the wrist joint.

The line of Mars types:

The Line Of Mars can be divided into two types.The Line of Mars having a narrow space from Life Line is Called the Support Life Line.It can nourish the liveliness.The Line of Mars which is not near to the Life line is Called Family influence line.The support life line is usually called as vitality line or Secondary life line.Individuals with this sort of line work with enthusiasm and have more tolerance and strength to conquer challenges and have a cheerful existence.The support line is also called the Line of Secret Virtue that shows the great deeds of the predecessors and the solid essentialness to opposes against emergency and genuine illness. Thus, the line can transform disasters into gifts.The Family influence Line shows the Love of the family.people with these line has a very strong relationship with their close ones like father, mother, brother or sister.It shows special kind of help from the close ones.The Family influence line is also called as the lovesick line which suggests that the people have loved someone in the early years but failed to live together and have regret for this in their hearts.Young ladies with this line have a tendency to have the Electra complex.

Reading Line Of Mars:

Mars Line Palm Reading

Many Line Of Mars:

If there are many Lines of Mars it shows the good luck with buddies of opposite gender.The deep and Long support Life line shows strong relations with the spouse or anyone from the opposite gender without the intervention of the third person.If the line of mars begins above from the mount of Venus and ends at the below of the same mount, it shows that the person has a strong sense of justice.if you are more interested in reading about Chinese palm reading you can also study about.

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