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Things to Know About Chinese New Year – All About Chinese New Year

Chinese New Yr is well known through greater than 20% of the sector. It’s a very powerful vacation in China and to Chinese language folks far and wide. Listed below are 21 fascinating details that you most likely didn’t learn about Chinese language New Yr.

  1.  Chinese language New Yr is sometimes called the Spring Competition

    In China, you’ll be able to pay attention it being referred to as chunjie (春节), or the Spring Competition. It’s nonetheless very wintry, however the vacation marks the top of the coldest days. Other folks welcome spring and what it brings alongside: planting and harvests, new beginnings and contemporary begins.

    Chinese New Year lanterns with the words “Spring Festival”
    Lantern decorations with the phrases “Spring Competition.”

    You’ll additionally name it the Lunar New Yr, as a result of international locations similar to North and South Korea and Vietnam have fun it as smartly. And as the Spring Competition is going in line with the lunar calendar. Because of this . . .

     There is no set date for Chinese language New Yr

    In keeping with the Lunar calendar, the Spring Competition is on January 1st and lasts till the 15th (the whole moon). However whilst you attempt to calculate it with the sun (Gregorian) calendar, the date is in all places.

    Chinese language New Yr levels from January 21 to February 20. In 2018, it happens on February 16. For a complete listing of dates and occasions take a look at our Chinese New Year calendar.

    Chinese New Year calendar
    Fashionable Chinese language calendars use the Gregorian calendar however come with lunar vacations.

    The lunar calendar remains to be in point of fact essential in China, even if it has formally moved to the Gregorian calendar like the remainder of the sector. All conventional vacations and days such because the Iciness Solstice are celebrated. Some folks nonetheless calculate their birthdays and ages in line with the lunar calendar too!

     This is a day for praying to gods

    The Spring Competition used to be at the beginning a ceremonial day to wish to gods for a excellent planting and harvest season. As an agrarian society, the harvest used to be the whole lot. Other folks additionally prayed to their ancestors, as they had been handled as gods (see Mulan for reference).

    Chinese New Year food offering
    The most productive meals are introduced to the gods.

     and preventing off monsters

    However the myths are a lot more fascinating. In keeping with one legend, there used to be a monster named Nian (年). It might come about each New Yr’s Eve. The general public would disguise of their properties. However one boy used to be courageous sufficient to battle him off the use of firecrackers. Tomorrow, folks celebrated their survival through environment off much more firecrackers. And that follow changed into a the most important a part of the Spring Competition.

  2. five. Essentially the most fireworks are activate on the planet that night time

    As within the fable about Nian, firecrackers are meant to scare off monsters and unhealthy success. So folks keep up on Chinese language New Yr’s Eve and activate firecrackers at the hours of darkness. Within the morning, firecrackers are used once more to welcome the brand new 12 months and excellent success.

    Chinese New Year firecrackers and fireworks
    Each firecrackers and fireworks sound right through the night time.

     (however from time to time it’s unlawful)

    Because of protection causes and issues for air air pollution, many Chinese language towns have banned fireworks. Greater than 500 towns have restrictions too.

    However… many of us don’t care they usually do it anyway. Beijing had banned fireworks for 13 years. The ban used to be lifted in 2006 on account of the offended public.

    In the event you’re in China all through this time, you’ll most definitely have the ability to pay attention and spot the explosions for no less than three nights (and it could actually pass on for weeks).

     It’s the longest Chinese language vacation

    The Spring Competition is technically 15 days. However celebrations get started on New Yr’s Eve (making it 16 days). You’ll additionally say that the vacation season begins in (lunar) December with the Laba Competition (腊八节—là bā jié). That’s round 40 days of celebrations!

    Chinese New Year shopping mall
    All over the vacation, Chinese language folks spend two times as a lot on buying groceries and consuming out than American citizens spend on Thanksgiving.

    Historically, it’s a must to spend time together with your circle of relatives and will best pass out after the fifth day. It’s a countrywide vacation. The huge majority of shops are closed too.

    So within the month ahead of, folks will purchase nian huo (年货), or New Yr’s merchandise. The Chinese language refill on cooking provides, snacksgifts, new clothes and extra.

     The Spring Competition reasons the most important human migration on the planet

    A very powerful a part of Chinese language New Yr is the circle of relatives reunion. Everybody will have to come again house for the New Yr’s Eve dinner.

    However since in fashionable China, most aged oldsters are living in rural villages whilst their youngsters paintings within the towns. The migration again house and to move on holiday is named chunyun (春运), or Spring Migration.

    Chinese New Year subway station
    Even on customary days, subways to paintings are jammed pack with folks simply slightly squishing previous the door. You’ll believe the depth of the chunyun.

    Plus, the earliest you’ll be able to purchase teach tickets is 60 days ahead of. It results in a mad rush of actually preventing for tickets. In 2015, statistics confirmed that round 1,000 tickets had been bought every 2d.

     Singles rent pretend boy/girlfriends to take house

    You recognize the ones nosy kin all through Thanksgiving? It is even worse in China. Particularly since having youngsters and passing down the circle of relatives identify is likely one of the maximum essential portions in Chinese language tradition.

    Some determined singles hotel to rent a faux boyfriend or female friend to take house. Those that can’t (or don’t need to) pass house can hire themselves out. For one of the vital different questions even though, similar to your wage, profession or when you need to have youngsters, can’t be helped.

     No showering, sweeping or throwing out rubbish allowed!

    Showering isn’t allowed New Yr’s Day. Sweeping and throwing out rubbish isn’t allowed ahead of the fifth. That is to be sure to don’t wash away the nice success!

    Alternatively, there’s an afternoon ahead of the Spring Competition devoted to cleansing. At the present time is to brush the unhealthy success away and make room for the nice.

    Chinese New Year closed salon
    Maximum hair salons are closed all through the whole thing of Chinese language New Yr as a result of hair reducing is taboo.

    What else is taboo all through Chinese language New Yr?

    • Hair reducing (ahead of February 2)
    • The usage of scissors, knives and different sharp issues
    • Arguing, swearing
    • Pronouncing unfortunate phrases (similar to “dying” and “illness”)
    • Breaking issues

    Take a look at our complete list of taboos to be informed extra.

     Youngsters obtain fortunate cash in crimson envelopes

    In different cultures, youngsters obtain items for vacations. Items also are exchanged all through the Spring Competition. However Chinese language youngsters obtain one thing else too—crimson envelopes.

    Chinese New Year red pockets with lucky money
    Relying at the circle of relatives, the kids can stand up 1000 CNY (round $150) according to envelope.

    Often known as crimson packets or wallet, they come with cash. This cash is meant to assist switch fortune from the elders to the youngsters. They are able to even be given between bosses and workers, co-workers, and buddies.

    With the advance of generation, virtual crimson wallet are the rage now. Other folks love to ship one into crew chats and watch the others battle for the cash. This is named qiang hongbao (抢红包), or actually “snatching crimson wallet”.

     You consume dumplings for each meal, each day

    Neatly, technically you’re intended to. However now not many of us do this anymore as a result of you’ll be able to have an excessive amount of of even essentially the most scrumptious meals. So most of the people will consume dumplings all through the New Yr’s Eve dinner. Others will consume them for the primary breakfast.

    Chinese New Year dumplings
    Dumplings with Chinese language New Yr decorations.

    Opposite to in style trust even though, dumplings don’t seem to be in style far and wide in China. It is extra of a northern factor. Within the South, folks would somewhat consume spring rolls (egg rolls) and balls of glutinous rice in soup referred to as tangyuan (汤圆).

     Chinese language New Yr truffles have particular meanings

    So much cultures have symbolic meals, such because the Xmas Log cake. However such a lot of Chinese language New Yr truffles have particular meanings at the back of them. And it’s most commonly puns within the identify.

    Chinese New Year desserts
    Be sure you get your fill of significant truffles!

    Take the tangyuan as an example. It actually manner “soup balls.” Nevertheless it feels like tuanyuan (团圆), which means that reunion. So it’s no marvel it’s a well-liked dessert all through Chinese language New Yr.

    Nian gao (年糕) is a kind of rice cake. It symbolizes luck every and annually.

    Fa gao (发糕) is a the hybrid of sponge muffins and desserts. Other folks dye it festive colours. The fa is equal to in fa cai (发财), which means that “to get wealthy.” And everybody needs that!

    Isn’t it great to have a greater explanation why to get seconds?

     There is wine particularly for the Spring Competition

    Chinese language folks love consuming. There’s a pronouncing that there’s no manners and/or etiquette with out wine. Because of this you want to have wine for each rite, pageant or essential dinner.

    There’s wine for engagement dinners, weddings, birthdays… and naturally, the Spring Competition. With this type of wealthy wine tradition, it’s no marvel that there’s a bunch of consuming video games you play. Alternatively, it’s now not all a laugh and video games.

    Whilst you’re consuming with anyone older than you, as is the case with New Yr’s dinners, you want to observe strict toasting etiquette laws. They come with the order of toasts, seating, the way you dangle the wine glass and so on. and so on. To be informed extra learn our publish on Chinese language New Yr’s beverages and etiquette.

    The Chinese language adorn the whole lot crimson for Chinese language New Yr

    Each and every circle of relatives will deck their properties on this colour. Do you consider the tale about Nian? Firecrackers aren’t the one factor that scared the monster away. Pink may be a useful weapon, and utilized in just about all Chinese language New Yr decorations.

    Chinese New Year dragon decorations
    Pink is China’s favourite colour and it is lovely glaring all through Chinese language New Yr.

    The Chinese language will hold up crimson lanterns and strings of (actual or pretend) chili peppers, paste crimson paper onto doorways and home windows, and extra!

    New garments also are believed to deliver excellent success and get started over contemporary. Other folks will upload new crimson clothes to their Spring Competition dresser too.

     Yearly has a zodiac animal

    Western horoscopes come with 12 zodiacs, one for every month. There are 12 Chinese zodiacs as smartly, however the animal is for all of the 12 months.

    Chinese New Year zodiac animals
    They’re: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Chicken, Canine and Pig

    2018 is the 12 months of the canine. One of the vital animals (similar to Rat, Snake, Canine and Pig) aren’t in most cases in style in Chinese language tradition. However as a zodiac, their sure characteristics are bestowed on folks born that 12 months.

    They play a miles larger function than in Western cultures. Your animal can make a decision your profession, well being and courting luck. Be sure you in finding out what zodiac animal you’re!

     Your zodiac 12 months is unhealthy success

    Your benming 12 months (本命年—běn mìng nián) is the 12 months of your zodiac animal. And of the 12 12 months cycle, it’s the unluckiest for you.

    There are a couple of explanations for this. The Chinese language consider that kids can simply be taken through demons. And your benming 12 months is your rebirth 12 months.

    Chinese New Year jade necklace
    There’s additionally a mythological creature named Pi Xiu (貔貅) that you’ll be able to put on as an adjunct for excellent success.

    All over this 12 months, your weapon of protection is the colour crimson. Simply as you’ll be able to adorn your house in crimson for defense and fortune, you’ll be able to additionally put on crimson clothes. Many of us will put on crimson lingerie each day of the 12 months. Others upload on crimson shirts, pants, jewellery, insoles and extra!

     You develop 1 12 months older at the Spring Competition

    In China, you could have a “actual” age (实岁—shí suì) and a “pretend” nominal age (虚岁—xū suì). The actual age is the only everyone knows about. You develop 12 months older to your birthday. The nominal age even though, will increase with the Spring Competition.

    This used to be the age most of the people went with till fresh instances. Nevertheless it’s nonetheless not unusual at the present time, or used interchangeably. In the event you’re specific about it, be sure to ask!

     The New Yr greeting in Chinese language is “xin nian kuai le”

    The word actually manner “Satisfied New Yr.” However in Hong Kong and different Cantonese-speaking areas, it is extra not unusual to mention “gong hei fats choy.” In Mandarin Chinese language, it is “gong xi fa cai” (恭喜发财). It manner “congratulations at the fortune.”

    Chinese New Year calligraphy blessings
    Calligraphy with New Yr blessings.

    In the event you take a look at different greetings or blessings, you’ll see that the majority are about:

    • Abundant harvests
    • Wealth and fortune
    • Well being and longevity
    • Having youngsters and massive households

    Meals, cash and well being are issues that everybody needs. Passing down the circle of relatives identify is of maximum significance. That’s one of the most the reason why China has this type of massive inhabitants.

     Chinese language New Yr ends with the Lantern Competition

    The primary complete moon of the (lunar) 12 months is the Yuanxiao Competition (元宵节—yuán xiāo jié) or Lantern Competition (灯节—dēng jié). Regardless that circle of relatives remains to be essential, it’s nonetheless an evening of partying and freedom.

    Chinese New Year colorful lanterns
    Lanterns are available in all shapes, sizes and hues.

    In precedent days, women weren’t allowed to mission out of doors through themselves. However in this night time, they had been ready to stroll round, moon-gaze and take a look at the pretty lanterns. On account of this, it’s sometimes called Valentine’s Day in China.

    Chinese language New Yr is well known everywhere in the global

    One out of each five folks on the planet is Chinese language. However that stat doesn’t come with the tens of millions of out of the country Chinese language and folks of Chinese language descent.

    Chinese New Year celebration in London
    Spring Competition celebrations in London, UK.

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