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Triangle Meaning on Palm is a Boost of Power

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Triangle Meaning on the Palms

The triangle meaning on the palms can vary and therefore needs to be carefully analysed if you are to understand it fully. Often people see lines crossing all over the palm, and they appear to form shapes.

However, these lines do not have any meaning other than the lines happen to pass each other. I get some individuals ask me what does the M letter, or E letter or diamond shape mean? It is possible that there is a meaning there. However, it is mostly merely a coincidence of other lines passing through or branching from another.

Branches from other lines obviously have connotations, and most lines have some kind of meaning. However, if there is a shape formed on its own, it’s different.

The Triangle Meaning

A triangle found on its own, not formed by other lines, generally is said to give ‘karmic’ support if it is located on a line or a mount. It provides a boost of power or talent to a specific area, a welcome sign.

  • If on the life line, the triangle can point to a time of financial gain, the sudden windfall or an event which highlights the use of intelligence.
  • Sitting on the top of the head line, it strengthens the mindset according to the vicinity of a specific mount.
  • On the heart line, it can show a time when the intellect is used to resolve an emotional issue or a favourable time for relationships.


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