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Marriage Line Palm reading-Two Marriage Line,No Marriage Line

Marriage Line tells us about the tendency of marriage by analyzing the situation of marriage line. According to palm reading, the marriage line tells about what kind of our partner would be. The Marriage Line is easy to change based on current situation.

Marriage Line Palm reading-Two Marriage Line,No Marriage Line

Marriage Line Moving Upwards:

If your marriage line is raised it means that you are lucky, you will find a good partner. You will have a family that is always happy without any worries. if you are single now, you should not be worried about your marriage, you will have a married life that you always dreamt .look for the arisen marriage line in your partner is he/she has this type of marriage line don’t let her go.

Marriage Line Moving Downwards:

Marriage line moving downwards shows that there will be a lot of problems in your married life. if you are single then it means that your heart is broken and you are not so much positive about love life. To solve this kind of issues you should talk to your partner .you should give them respect to maintain a healthy relationship.

Short Marriage Line:

Short marriage line is an indication that you are in one sided love. The other one doesn’t care about you but you are much interested in him/her. This kind of marriage line is mostly found in the youth of today.

Split End Marriage Line:

Split End is also called as “Divorce Line” which shows that your relationship will not last long. Break Up is on the way.

Two Marriage Lines that become one:

Two Marriage Lines in Chinese palm reading shows that you will have a long relationship before getting married or you will not get married after the long relationship. if your partner has such line you have to wait for a long time to get married.

No marriage Line:

It shows that marriage is not a reality in your life. if you are already married and have no marriage line it means that you are not interested in your partner to have sex.

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